Irving, Texas, saved millions as a result of Lean Six Sigma

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Jan 25, 2012

City Manager Tommy Gonzalez began implementing the Lean Six Sigma program in Irving, Texas, in 2006. As a result of eliminating unnecessary steps in city operations, he says the city is performing services more quickly, departments are working cooperatively, and morale is higher among city employees. American City & County Contributing Editor Jennifer Grzeskowiak spoke with Gonzalez about the effects Lean Six Sigma has had in Irving.

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on Feb 8, 2012

Ironically the positive 6 Sigma piece confirmed the negative Six Sigma comments.

There is no proven quantifiable data, according to statutory accounting principles with independent verification, referenced in the article or on the City Irvine TX website.

In short we have a marketing piece, which is sadly very common in this arena.

What you do find, in a preliminary search, is that the executive being interviewed is the highest paid City Manger in North Txs,-Tommy-Gonzalez,-H.... Exceeding that of several in much bigger cities surrounding his. Which to a QA program due diligence team would be a red flag.

May we suggest, to be credible, City Manager Gonzales publish that data and dare we say apply some fiscally sound prudent Six Sigma principles to the executive salaries in the city starting with his own

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