Darin Matthews


DARIN MATTHEWS, FNIGP, CPPO, CPSM, is the director of procurement for the University of California, Santa Cruz. He has extensive management experience, speaks throughout the world on procurement issues, and has published several books and articles on supply chain management.Contact Matthews at darin@ucsc.edu 

Suppliers are Certifiable
Certifications are important on the supply side, too.
Closing the gap on salary equity in public procurement
Darin Matthews tells why we need to close the pay equity gap in public procurement.
Get rid of it!
Darin Matthews discusses the challenges of surplus property disposal.
Procurement leaders are like moms
The author, Darin Matthews, tells how his mother influenced his procurement career and life.
Book Review: A guide for managers and buyers
Contributor Darin Matthews outlines what's in Lourdes Coss' new book, “Procurement Methods: Effective Techniques, A Reference Guide for Professionals.”
Your place or mine?
There is nothing like meeting your end users at their place of business. Whether it is to provide procurement training, attend one of their staff meetings or just let them know we are here to help them, your customers will appreciate your presence.
Command Central 
Darin Matthews discusses some important steps central procurement offices can take to support their agencies.
Pioneer spirit 
Darin Matthews remembers Betty Bingham, NIGP's first female president.
Driven to succeed 1
Darin Matthews recalls a memorable student.
We are the world  1
Procurement agencies around the world share more common goals and face more common problems than anyone realizes.
Mission possible 
Mission and vision statements can yield many benefits to an organization. They can clearly articulate priorities, set future direction and even bring a sense of unity. Although these terms are sometimes used interchangeably, they are actually very different. The way I look at it, a mission statement is a proclamation of what you are today, and a vision statement is an aspiration of what you want to be in the future.
The tough stuff  1
Procurement can be a lot of fun, but there are many situations where professionals need to step up and take on "the tough stuff." Darin Matthews offers some advice.
Decision by committee 

With more and more public agencies using requests for proposal (RFPs) to buy goods and services, it is important for procurement professionals to assume their proper role.

Of course, the RFP process allows an organization to consider factors other than cost in the selection process, including past performance, relevant experience and project approach. This is different than a conventional bid process that looks solely at the lowest price.

So now that we know more RFPs are being used, what role should procurement play?

Sudden impact  1
Darin Matthews, public procurement professor at Portland State University, speaks on the power of the procurement professional.

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