Most government information technology (IT) professionals use and understand social media and other communication and collaboration technologies, according to a survey from Palo Alto, Calif.-based Hewlett Packard (HP). The HP survey, which calls the government's use of such media "Gov 2.0," also found that security and budget concerns are still a barrier to further development of web-based communication technology.

Respondents to HP's "Government IT Professionals Online Survey" described Gov 2.0 as a movement toward collaboration, transparency and technological innovation. The most commonly used Gov 2.0 tools are social networks, blogs, video and multi-media sharing, and the main benefits of Gov 2.0 are improved services to the public, resident participation in government and collaboration between agencies.

Other findings in the survey include:

• Nearly two-thirds of respondents agree that Gov 2.0 will improve their agency, and about half of respondents agree that their agency has embraced Gov 2.0.
• 40 percent of respondents cite security concern as the main barrier to Gov 2.0 adoption, followed by 21 percent of respondents citing a lack of budget.
• "Management taking the lead" and "increasing technology budget" are the top two suggestions for ways government agencies can encourage Gov 2.0 adoption.
• 80 percent of respondents anticipate implementing an ongoing Gov 2.0 strategy within the next two years.

Read the entire survey.

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