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Jan 17, 2017

Mayor McCheese of McDonaldland inaugurated in Washington days before Donald Trump

Donald Trump isn’t the only civic leader getting inaugurated in Washington this week. The esteemed and longtime mayor of McDonaldland, Mayor McCheese....More
Oct 18, 2016

Arkansas bridge stands tall despite demolition attempt

The Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department got a rude awakening when its attempt to detonate a bridge failed completely....More
Aug 31, 2016

Dog gets elected to be township's mayor for third term

Duke, a 9-year-old Great Pyrenees, recently won a reelection as honorary mayor of 1,039-person Cormorant Township, marking his third term in the post....More
Jun 28, 2016

The cat's out of the bag... er, the library

A cat fight has resulted between a Texas community and its city council after the council voted to evict its public library’s feline mascot of six....More
May 27, 2016

New York City gets salty on salt content

A New York City appeals court has ruled that the city can enforce a requirement that chain restaurants must post warnings on menu items high in....More
May 19, 2016

Playing with fire

Four new firefighters have been accused of calling in fake emergencies to local police so that they could savor the excitement of riding in fire....More
May 13, 2016

Sign of surrender

Frankfort N.Y. Mayor Frank Moracco has been accused of stealing 111 street signs from the New York State Department of Transportation to give to his....More
Dec 30, 2015

Houston man shuts down highway for proposal

A Houston interstate became a deadlock highway of love recently when a man decided to obstruct Interstate 45 for an epic marriage proposal....More
Dec 16, 2015

New York's Strongest calendar features "faceless" sanitation workers

Last week, New York’s Department of Sanitation released its 2016 calendar, featuring 14 of its sanitation workers, dubbed New York’s Strongest....More
Dec 02, 2015

South Dakota town is on the auction block

Swett, S.D., a 6.16-acre, unincorporated town, has been placed on the real estate block at the reduced price of $250,000. The town, equipped with a....More
Nov 11, 2015

Seattle's famous Gum Wall gets wiped clean

Seattle's Gum Wall came to be in 1991 when Market Theater customers began sticking gum on the wall while waiting in line. The tourist attraction will....More
Nov 04, 2015

Philadelphia woman wins $10,000 for voting

A Philadelphia crossing guard won $10,000 for casting a ballot Tuesday....More
Oct 21, 2015

Corrupt government officials and cyber attacks top American Fears list

Forget lions, tigers and bears, Americans most often have a fear of two things not hiding in the woods or the jungle....More
Sep 30, 2015

New Orleans' health initiative asks bands to turn it down

Residents in New Orleans, a city beloved for its year-round sonance of street brass bands, have decided that the big band should quiet down....More
Sep 09, 2015

Every dog has its day: Border collie and former mayor runs for president

Former Rabbit Hash, Ky., Mayor Lucy Lou a border collie with seven years of experience running the small, unincorporated town in Boone County, Ky.,....More

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