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Design guide offers tips for improving bicycle safety on city streets
The U.S. Department of Transportation and NACTO have created a resource for creating safer and more attractive and livable streets.
Investing in cycling helps economic wheels turn
City initiatives ranging from bike lanes to share programs are creating jobs as an added benefit.
Cities work together on new web apps
Cities across the country are experimenting with new ways to use social media and other tech-friendly methods to engage citizens in local issues.
Seven city CIOs work together
Collaboration speeds development of tech solutions and cuts costs.
Cities, states mandate paid sick days
Supporters say the new laws protect public health and reduce unemployment.
Cities give same-sex couples benefits
As more states legalize same-sex marriage and civil unions, a growing number of local governments are extending or considering extending benefits to employees in same-sex relationships.
Cities welcome same-sex couples
In June, New York became the largest state to legalize gay marriage, and New York City officials expect the move to bring new business to the city and
Minneapolis firefighters grow green thumbs
Minneapolis' firefighters include a healthy option in their diets by growing their own vegetables, a long-standing tradition that has recently been rejuvenated by a new city program.
Cities grow their own produce
Replacing ornamental flowers with vegetables turns public spaces into urban gardens.
Florida debates the death penalty
Some officials in Florida are calling for the state to repeal the death penalty, just as 15 other states have done.
States reconsider the death penalty
Several of the 35 states that have capital punishment are considering replacing the death penalty with life in prison without parole. While advocates

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