Add SonoBlaster Dual Alert Intrusion Alarm to any standard work-zone barricade, such as traffic cones, drums, delineators, or A-frames. Upon direct impact by errant vehicle or when tilted 90 from vertical position, built-in horn sounds 125-dB. alarm for about 15 secs. The alarm provides critical reaction time for workers, pedestrians, or vehicles to move out of harms way, plus alerts distracted or sleepy drivers to apply brakes or steer away from hazard. Works through cartridge of carbon dioxideneeds no electrical power, battery recharging, or special maintenance. Contains activating handlejust lift handle to activate alarm sensor, or lower handle to deactivate alarm during installation, storage, or handling. Besides protecting road workers or construction crews, the alarm is ideal for special events, disaster scenes, and many law-enforcement or military applications. Reduces need for expensive curbs, gates, barriers, or extra traffic-control personnel.

International Road Dynamics (IRD), Inc., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada