Mitigator can eliminate the itching, burning, and pain of insect stings and bites by neutralizing residual toxins and venom. Apply liberally and immediately to bite area, scrub vigorously for 2 mins., leave paste in place for another 10 mins., then brush off residue. Contains sodium bicarbonate to draw toxins from open pores; papain enzyme to neutralize toxic proteins; crushed walnut shells scrubbing/exfoliating agent that cleanses area and stimulates circulation; and alcohol topical antiseptic. Can be used on face except near eyes. Also cleans superficial wounds and promotes healing for scratches and sliver removal. Safe for children. Consult medical personnel if pain or swelling persists or if nausea, shortness of breath, or dizziness develops. Each resealable pouch treats over 20 individual insect bites or stings at less than a dime per treatment. Stores in pocket, pack, first-aid kit, vehicle, or medicine locker. American Natural Technology Sciences, Inc., Salt Lake City, UT