Fibre-Metal Spirit of America hardhat, part of the SuperEight E-2 Series, displays graphics that promote U.S. patriotism and encourage worker compliance. Graphic process produces colorful designs that won’t chip, fade, or peel from hat’s thermoplastic construction. Smooth shell contains 8 load-bearing suspension points (twice as many as other hardhats) that absorb and dissipate impact energy. Has no ribs, ridges, or slots to trap impacting objects. In addition, suspension system flexes in a predictable, controlled manner to absorb impact. Hardhat comes in a full-brim version (shown) or cap style. Features multiple-position, adjustable headband. Choose from a 360° padded, perforated sweat band, or ratchet headbands. All versions meet ANSI standards. North Safety Products, Cranston, RI