STOP-Fatigue anti-fatigue mat helps reduce foot, leg, and back pain in standing workers. Features an integrated surface layer and matrix of hollow cylinders called SmartCells. Stable surface supported by unstable rubber cells softens as needed in response to surface activity. Cells adjust to varying types of impacts, forces, and static loads. When compressed, cells become softer, unlike foam mats that get harder when compressed. Cushioning design boasts secure, stable footing. Durable, synthetic rubber mat weighs 5 lbs. Offers 2.7-sq.-ft. surface area and 2 handles for transport. Ideal for workers in airports and warehouses, as well as government, military and maintenance environments. Available in black, blue, green and brown. Prices: $39.50 for black mat, $44.50 for color, static-safe or grease-resistant models. Companion runners and 2- by 3- and 3- by 5-ft. mats also available.

Satech, Inc., Chehalis, WA