Shur-Step water-resistant tape provides skid resistance on a wide variety of floor types and surfaces, indoors or out. Just remove self-adhesive backing to apply tape in secs. Adheres to any smooth, clean, and dry surface. Contains finely ground abrasive particles that assure firm footing. Ideal for preventing accidents and reducing downtime in warehouses. Applications include steps, ramps, ladders, loading docks, around machinery, or any potentially slippery area. Also adheres to powder-coated paint finishes used on lawn mowers or truck beds. Withstands harsh chemicals, detergents, and heavy vehicular traffic, without tearing or peeling. Comes in 60-ft.-long rolls, in a choice of 9 widths (ranging from to 36 ins.). Companion cleats come in - or 6-in. size. Custom die-cut tape also available.

Pres-On Products, Addison, IL