KytoStat bandage is made from the same blood-stopping technology the U.S. Army uses to save lives on battlefields of Afghanistan and Iraq. Uses the power of chitosan, a natural compound found in shrimp shells, to create a strong, flexible bond. When in direct contact with blood and pressure is applied to wound, bandage stops stubborn bleeding within 2 to 5 minutes. Seals and protects wound to expedite healing. Provides immediate first aid to reduce the need for medical attention or to allow extra time for obtaining emergency care. Each bandage strip measures 1 by 4 ins. Can be left on wound for up to 48 hours. To remove, just soak applied bandage in water or saline. Caters to patients who ingest blood-thinning medications and those with bleeding disorders such as hemophilia. Also ideal for sports enthusiasts, construction workers, culinary professionals and the general population. Can be used in any location. HemCon Medical Technologies Inc., Portland, Ore.