TLC (Temporary Lane Control) helps prevent motorists from speeding and driving inattentively through work zones, thereby protecting road crews and reducing collisions. Features a combination STOP/SLOW paddle, embedded with high-intensity Light Emitting Diode (LED) flashers on each side. Paddle fits into portable traffic-control bar on roadway, also embedded with LED flashers that change to the same, corresponding color. When flagger or other worker turns SLOW side of paddle to face oncoming traffic, paddle and bar flash amber lights in unison. When worker turns STOP side of paddle to face traffic, red lights flash on both paddle and bar. Flashing LEDs remain visible from up to 500 ft. away in daylight and up to 2,000 ft. away at night, even in heavy fog. Entire system fits in back of vehicle for transport to site. TLC also accepts additional, companion light bars to channelize traffic. Wireless communication among products enables coordinated traffic control.

LightGuard Systems, Inc., Santa Rosa, CA