Made of waterproof, sealed, and insulated rubber, portable Boot Buddy protects floors or carpeting from muddy or wet shoes. Applies direct, gentle heat, making footwear dry, warm, and comfortable for subsequent wearing. In addition, the heat enhances blood circulation in any individuals feet, especially beneficial for athletes, senior citizens, and the infirm. Reduces reliance on space heaters, which may increase electricity costs and pose safety hazards. Just plug mat into any standard, 110-v.-a.c. outlet for instant heat. Comes in 2 versions: Model FW measures 14 by 21 by 3/8 ins. and weighs 6 lbs.; Model FWB measures 16 by 36 by 3/8 ins. and weighs 10 lbs. Both mats are ideal for offices, warehouses, automotive shops, security or toll booths, residences, or any unheated area of workplace, including outdoor sites. Prices: FW, $55; FWB, $75.

Indus-Tool, Chicago, IL