By donning eyewear equipped with a personal telecommunication system, first responders and others can obtain wireless, hands-free access to critical voice, data, and video information. The system delivers voice communications via miniature microphones and speakers, while optically projecting data and video directly onto the eyewear. Any type of clear, tinted, or prescription eyewear can be used to house the communications system, which is especially designed to meet the needs of police officers, firefighters, soldiers, rescue workers, airport security guards, or construction crews. For instance, by wearing the eyewear, first responders can receive direct, real-time transmissions of environmental information, such as temperature, gaseous content, and radiation levels. Recently introduced by Energy Telecom, Inc., based in Miami Beach, FL, the technology can also be integrated into consumer eyewear to provide a gateway to entertainment and cellular networks. Features include the ability to play MP3 music downloads.

Energy Telecom, Inc., Miami Beach, FL