Xsorb Express spill response kit XKPB10-E stows under or behind drivers seat. White granular-blend particles of silica minerals absorb animal, chemical, mineral, or vegetable-based liquids (except hydrofluoric acid) instantly on contact. Fluids will not leak or leach out after disposal. Nontoxic, nonflammable, non-cancer-causing, and environmentally friendly. Safe to use on any surface and harmless to animal or plant life. Antistatic, 18-in.-by-24-in. plastic reclosable bag holds: 2-liters XSORB Super Absorbent particles; 3.3-in.-by-4-ft. sorbent socks; 10 18-in.-square, all-purpose sorbent pads; 2 disposal bags with ties and hazmat stickers; Nitrile protective gloves; mask; safety goggles; and dustpan/brush set. Kit handles 1 large spill or several smaller spills. Available in universal, hazmat, or oil select versions.

Impact Absorbent Technologies, Inc., Atascadero, CA