Thanks to a new, wearable captioning system, public venues can now respond to the needs of people who are deaf or hard of hearing. The system, which relies on mobile wireless technology, allows users to easily receive information that is being presented audibly to the general public. Applications include government meetings, schools, museums, sports arenas, transit stations, and other public sites. To send captions, the venue operates a transmitter, which links with a compatible receiver, such as a personal digital assistant (PDA) or laptop computer. Patrons can borrow the receiver from the venue, bring their own wireless device, or use a micro display that plugs into a PDA and attaches to their eyeglasses or a headband. Captions can be pre-recorded, or text can be generated in real time. Multiple text streams can also be transmitted to assist with language translation. The captioning system was developed at Georgia Tech Research Institute, based in Atlanta. In turn, the Institute licensed the technology to Peacock Communications, Inc. (Marietta, GA), a software firm which will further enhance and market the product.

Peacock Communications, Inc., Marietta, GA