Said to be the world’s first electromagnetic-compatible (EMC), Class A, explosive ordinance disposal (EOD) helmet of its kind, the EOD 9A is designed for operations in hostile radio frequency (RF) conditions created by electronic countermeasures (ECM) equipment. Blast protection helmet actively shields its own onboard support systems and emissions to prevent interference that might affect improvised explosive device disposal (IEDD) operations. Protects against overpressure, fragmentations, impact, and heat. Features interchangeable EOD and breathing apparatus (BA) locking visors for conventional and biochemical threat situations. EMC Class A remote-control module enables tactile control and visual status for all helmet functions. Includes environmental awareness system (EAS), communications, onboard backup-power batteries, and retention system that stabilizes helmet in case of blast or blunt impact. Complies with Defense Standard 59-41, and Military Standard 461E. Med-Eng Systems, Inc., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada