Designed for optimum breathing protection and comfort, compact PAPR (powered air-purifying respirator) safeguards a variety of workers, including those who remove asbestos or perform other strenuous jobs in hot environments. Delivers continuous flow of air to eliminate breathing resistance and reduce worker fatigue. Offers a choice of several HEPA filters and/or chemical cartridges to remove specific air contaminants. Also select from various loose-fitting facepieces or bibbed hoods, both of which end the need to fit-test workers for respirator wear. For tight-fitting facepieces, one option converts companion air-purifying half masks and full facepieces to a PAPR, without requiring any tools or adapters. Available with 2 blower and battery assemblies. Nickel-metal hydride battery provides 8 hrs. of steady power. Disposable head covers are also offered.

North Safety Products, Cranston, RI