ForceField product line includes concealable and tactical body armor, as well as an Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH). The lightweight helmet duplicates ballistic features of military version, currently worn by American troops, to protect wearers head from gunfire. Provides resistance to military fragments emitted from weapons, as well as bullets from handguns. Alpha concealable vest features Flex Panel Sizing that conforms to wearers body shape. Armor-Latch closure provides front-to-back overlap, along with 1-handed, forward-pull adjustment to ensure correct side coverage. Also features Tri-T Comfort System, which pulls moisture away from wearers body to add cooling comfort and reduce odor-causing bacteria. Other styles include Tango tactical vest, with a side-opening design that caters to SWAT teams. Bravo concealable vest also available. Vests meets body-armor standards recently updated by the National Department of Justice.

MSA, Safety Products Div., Pittsburgh, PA