To help reduce workplace accidents, a digital audio device automatically emits safety messages and emergency alerts. Called Talking Alert, the device was initially developed to prevent accidents among telecommunications workers climbing tall broadcast towers. Today, the device meets safety concerns of varied applications—from public venues to warehouses or hazardous-waste sites. Using a built-in microphone jack, messages can be recorded, erased, and re-recorded. The device delivers up to 10 mins. of customized audio messages, loud and clear, in any language. Audio playback is initiated by pressing one of the device’s front-panel buttons, or by triggering an external input, such as an optional motion detector. In addition, an onboard relay can be programmed to notify security guards or set off alarms. A built-in datalogger records activations. Made by TowerSwitch LLC, based in Deerfield Beach, FL, Talking Alert runs on a.c. or solar power. TowerSwitch LLC, Deerfield Beach, FL