To protect outdoor workers from extreme cold and wind, select from winter liners, knitted tubes, mouth and chin covers and warming packs that fit inside liners. Each liner can be worn under a hard hat or by itself. Features include a back reflective strip and suspension straps, which allow user to attach the liner to a hard hat. Many sizes and materials are available. For instance, medium- and shoulder-length Deluxe Thinsulate liners consist of three layers: cotton outer layer, Thinsulate middle layer and fleece inner lining. All-purpose liners come in two lengths and a choice of materials (cotton, cotton flannel or quilted nylon and fleece). Flame-retardant styles retain fire resistance for 50 washings. Every liner comes with two pockets to hold warming packs that heat on contact with air, ready to produce up to 10 hours of safe, comfortable warmth. Knitted tubes, made of polyester, fit over hard hats. Mouth and chin covers come in three styles: cotton/sherpa, cotton/fleece and flame retardant. Allegro Industries, Garden Grove, Calif.