Pryme Radio Products presented its new Bluetooth adapter that is designed to be used with EF Johnson, HYT and Motorola portable radios at the recent IWCE 2010 in Las Vegas. The adapter is more rugged than the Bluetooth devices that can be purchased in the retail sector, said David George, Pryme's president.

"We set out to design from scratch our own Bluetooth adapter and not buy one from a foreign manufacturer, because we felt we needed to make it more robust than our type of business than a consumer-type device," he said.

The decision to design the device in-house was an easy one to make for another reason, according to George.

"We make a lot of accessories for two-way radios, mostly audio accessories — microphones, headsets, surveillance kits and all that kind of stuff — and we spend a lot of money on design and tooling to make connectors for all of these odd-ball radios," he said. "So we just try to make more things out of that investment. Creating a Bluetooth module that will fit into a connector body that we already have is very logical for us to do."

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