Simplifying your datacenter infrastructure ensures predictable economics and scalability benefits of web-scale IT and helps cost-effectively deliver better services with your current budget and IT team. The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform replaces legacy infrastructure complexity with web-scale building blocks that eliminate silos, increase resource utilization, and scale to allow future growth without wholesale replacement.

This white paper will explain how to:

  • Cut Capital Expenses: Consolidate different workloads onto a single platform – cutting costs by as much as 50%.
  • Obtain Seamless, Pay-As-You-Go Scalability: Start small for a variety of deployments and scale smart, adding compute and storage as needed.
  • Reduce Management Overhead: Eliminate managing separate storage, server, and networking.
  • Ensure IT Availability and Service Continuity: Keep your critical services up and running with self-healing Nutanix systems.
  • Cut Downtime: Avoid planned downtime events and minimize unplanned downtime through non-disruptive upgrades and VM-centric disaster recovery capabilities.