San Antonio’s 311 service is the subject of a new case study that is the first part of a planned nationwide series of studies on the benefits provided by those services. According to a Washington-based International City/County Manager Association’s (ICMA) study, the city has more than doubled the number of customer service calls it receives and cut in half the number of lost calls. The report, scheduled to be released next month, covers the city’s efforts to integrate its work order system into the 24-hour 311 service and how the service was adapted to the city’s particular needs.

The San Antonio case study is part of the upcoming “Call 311: Connecting Citizens to Local Government” series that also will include a national survey of how local governments use 311 services. “To effectively run local governments, systems like 311, which provide an efficient communication channel for residents, are priceless,” says ICMA Executive Director Robert O’Neill. The survey will be conducted in the first quarter of 2007.