Serve your constituents the way they want to be served.

No more printing, copying, faxing, mailing, and filing. Learn how Government is getting faster and more efficient with DocuSign.

Happier constituents. Faster, more secure transactions. And over $20 in savings on average for every single contract, decision, approval, and agreement.

Where do you start? Whether you need the added security of a certificate-based digital signature solution or the flexibility of a cloud-based electronic signature solution, it’s easy: DocuSign.

What you will learn:

  • An introduction to DocuSign and a discussion of which solution is right for your department: digital signature or electronic signature.
  • Ron Singh from the Oregon Department of Transportation will discuss why they’ve selected a digital signature solution for automation efficiencies and improved compliance in the Engineering Department.
  • Teresa Schlaffer from the Nevada Department of Transportation will discuss how her implementation of an electronic signature solution has reduced contract processing time from 50 days to less than 5.
  • An overview of best practices for implementation that can get you up and running quickly with DocuSign.

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