This webinar will be held Thursday, October 27, 2016 | 2PM ET / 11AM PT. Click here to register.

It’s time to stop looking at your utility bills as a sunk cost. Attend this webinar to learn how an energy savings performance contract can help redirect operational and energy expenses into big ambitions. Progressive schools and municipalities across the country are finding new funding opportunities through these innovative projects.

Learn how forward-thinking leaders accomplish these goals:

  • Create more efficient infrastructure operations while unlocking revenue for reinvestment
  • Fund modernization and deferred maintenance projects without increasing taxes
  • Drive revenue and new growth opportunities to boost economic development
  • Build a sustainable image to attract new students and residents

Emerging trends suggest more and more schools and municipalities will use performance contracting as a funding vehicle in 2017. Get the information you need to achieve your next big ambition.

Mayor Jason Shelton
City of Tupelo, Mississippi

Mayor Shelton is a life-long resident of Tupelo and a product of the Mississippi public education system, including Mississippi State University and the University of Mississippi School of Law. After practicing law in Tupelo for more than a decade, Jason was elected as the first mayor in the history of Tupelo. During his time as mayor, the City of Tupelo overcame many hardships, and has been highly acclaimed as a 2015 All-America City and as the Mississippi Municipal League 2015 Overall Excellence Award winner. Tupelo utilized an energy savings performance contract to fund an innovative economic development initiative.

Marcus Craig
Director of Energy and Sustainability Services
Schneider Electric

With 15 years of industry experience, Mr. Craig currently serves as a director with the Energy and Sustainability Services Division of Schneider Electric. His team provides energy-related services to state and local governments, K-12 school districts, colleges and universities, involving areas of infrastructure improvements, design-build energy efficiency projects, sustainability programs and financial solutions. To date, Schneider Electric has successfully completed 575+ energy savings and capital reinvestment projects nationwide, saving clients a combined $2 billion. 

Mike Schene
Director of Maintenance & Operations
Snowline Joint Unified School District

Mr. Schene brings over 22 years of robust facilities experience to his role as Director of Maintenance & Operations at Snowline Joint Unified School District. Snowline leveraged two resources—Proposition 39 and an energy savings performance contract (ESPC)—to bridge a budget gap, enabling the district to cut energy costs and still make significant facilities improvements districtwide. Mr. Schene was an integral part in making this project a success and realizing the vision of the District.