EquipmentWatch has just launched its most recent quarterly reports that track the activity of the auction (public) and resale markets. For the first time, the reports are being launched at the same time, which should aid parallel review of each marketplace. Below are some important highlights. Also, EquipmentWatch has added a one-time Special Section analyzing trends in the commercial truck vertical.

In the Auction Market:
-          Average auction prices increased 9 percent in Q2 2013 vs. Q1 2013
-          Total auction sales increased 16 percent in Q2 2013 vs. Q2 2012
-          Special Section: Average auction price and volume of heavy duty trucks increased in Q2 2013 vs. Q1 2013
In the Resale/Private Market:
-          Average resale prices across the market decreased 9 percent in Q2 2013 vs. Q1 2013
-          Average skid steer loader prices increased 9 percent in Q2 2013 vs. Q1 2013
-          Special Section: Average resale price and volume of heavy duty trucks increased in Q2 2013 vs. Q1 2013

After a decrease in April, the heavy equipment construction market showed an uptick in auction sales during the second quarter of 2013. Year over year, the market saw a 20 percent increase in total sales, and a 1 percent decrease in volume. Canada, specifically Western Canada, showed significant increases in market activity year-over-year. In the special Commercial Truck Analysis, prices for both medium and heavy-duty trucks remained steady during the second quarter. This EquipmentWatch analysis was conducted using data from the Last Bid, an EquipmentWatch database.

The top five heavy equipment types, ranked by volume, according to the latest quarterly analysis are:
- Crawler-Mounted Hydraulic 

- 4-Wheel-Drive Articulated
Wheel Loaders

- Skid Steer Loaders

- Wheel Tractors 

- Tractor Loader Backhoes

In its report of auction activity for 4-wheel-drive articulated wheel loaders, EquipmentWatch found that average unit sale prices began leveling out during the summer 2013 season, almost matching sales for the previous year for the top manufacturers.

Notably, after a full year of decreasing prices, Komatsu had a price increase in Q1. However, Q2 prices continued the previous decline. Caterpillar maintained its price premium in Q2 despite no relative price increase.

The Southwest U.S. saw a 94 percent increase in unit volume year-over-year for 4-WD Articulated Wheel Loaders. Western Canada’s recent push to increase its presence in the auction area is proving fruitful with a 5x year-over-year unit volume gain and total volume just trailing the Southeast U.S.

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