Governments continue to expand their fleets, according to the just-released “Highway Statistics 2014” report.

Governments own a total of 4.08 million motor vehicles, up from 3.99 million tallied in the previous year’s report – an increase of more than 2 percent. The actual increase in government fleet size from 2013 to 2014 was 88,754 vehicles.

The “Highway Statistics 2014” report is part of the Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA) Highway Statistics Series on the web.

Total fleet sizes grew at all levels of government, including federal, state, county and municipal. State and local government departments and agencies had more of the following in their fleets when comparing 2014 with year-earlier totals:

•    Automobiles
•    Buses
•    Trucks and truck tractors
•    Trailers and semi trailers
•    Motorcycles

The government fleet data was compiled mainly from statistics gathered by state departments of motor vehicles (DMV), DMV-equivalent and similar authorities.

The report notes that “The vehicle registration data varies among the states. Although many states continue to register specific vehicle types on a calendar year basis, all states use some form of the "staggered" system to register motor vehicles.”

Federal fleet data reported in the Highway Statistics Series covers civilian branches of the federal government; vehicles of the military services are not included. The federal General Services Administration (GSA) provided the federal fleet data.

Local governments, as defined in the Highway Statistics Series, include counties, townships and municipalities. Included with local governments are subordinate agencies, road districts, commissions and authorities, both toll and non-toll. Some special district forms of government, however, may not be included in the Highway Statistics Series government fleet counts.

FHWA has been compiling the Highway Statistics Series since 1945. The series consists of annual reports and statistics on motor fuel, motor vehicles, driver licensing, highway-user taxation, state and local government highway finance, highway mileage and federal aid for highways.

For the table covering publicly owned vehicles, click here.


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