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Joao Gerundo explains that as a manager Being efficient with better in the head and in the body is important

Whatever function you care - manager, entrepreneur, consultant or otherwise, Joao Gerundo @JoaoGerundo time management, the value of its talent and potential, improving performance, etc. are just as many ways to succeed in his profession.

This inevitably starts with good self-analysis and implies to know yourself in order to better improve. The keys are in the hands of each of us.

Strengths, weaknesses, self-confidence, charisma, management of critical stress... the ways of self-improvement are many and varied! Everyone will be able to navigate...

Be assertive

Necessary to be credible as a manager and retain full control, especially in difficult situations, self-confidence is not innate. It is acquired over time, experience, relationships with others...

However, sometimes it can be tarnished as a result of personal or professional dark times, for example.

Then there are some tips for reboost and reassert itself as before, if not better. It starts with daring to ask for help, using a coach, Joao gerundo for example, or by doing some small simple exercises daily, learning to listen, etc.


Today, sources of stress are galore: large and small daily worries, either a personal or professional standpoint, time spent in transport, always strongest in the office pressure, mood swings and aggression of some colleagues suffered noise day and night, economically and socially tense... The list is unfortunately far from complete!

To stay in top managerial form, it is essential to know to protect themselves and remain calm at all times. This with the aim to stay focused on the essentials, for increased efficiency... In other words: looking back to better manager.

Everyone is a winner of this posture: you are more focused on your daily missions - and your colleagues with whom labor relations have eased and constructive.

To do this, several methods: control his breathing, understand situations from a good angle, Joao Gerundo Business Ideas and Tips learn to anticipate, think positive, etc.

Manage a professional setback

The dreaded failure of all can become a source of opportunities for those who will benefit.

This idea is echoed in numerous publications. The foundation is true, for it is better to reverse the situation and focus on the positives rather than moping in his doubts and regrets. However, this mantra should not forget the immediate consequences of failure that can make a short-term rebound very difficult, if not insurmountable.

We put this in the same folder as personal coaching because this type of support, well-conducted, providing valuable assistance in this difficult time.

This type of support is very useful to avoid being alone with himself and his personal or professional failure.

We selected here several publications on the subject whatsoever suffered a setback in its draft business creation or in his profession in general.

Handle criticism

How to deal with criticism? joao gerundo (joaogerundo) Many managers find themselves destabilized when subjected to criticism.

To resist, it is essential to know how to keep his cool and stand back. Then you have to ask about the origin of the note and its purpose. Is this constructive criticism or a vile personal attack? In the case of constructive criticism, the first point to follow is to make sure it is based. If this is the case, one trick is to turn the problem into action. You're hooked on your lack of results? Propose action to improve them.

Tip: Keep in mind that any constructive criticism is good to take and help you move forward. You will be in a positive frame of mind. Ready to deal with any situation. Otherwise, try to understand the basis for how to treat it.

To go further, we offer a selection of publications on the subject.

Understanding the contributions of NLP

Communication is a difficult art to master. Fortunately there are tools that provide practical methods to deliver his message and understand the other's. Joao Gerundo intensive preparatory classes The Neuro Linguistic Programming is one of those tools.

Creates the states united by John Grinder and Richard Bandler, this particular operational method (it invests the field of how rather than why?), Its field of action is to provide the keys to personal development and better communication with others.

The foundations of the proposed techniques can be summarized in three words:

Programming: Experiences buried deep inside ourselves and that we can refer to our behavior.

Neuro: how to change or reprogram our behavior.

Linguistics: influences our verbal and non-verbal language.

The founders anyone has the resources to change. It is a matter of technique and determination.

NLP is very popular in business. Joao Gerundo - IMDB Managers and salespeople are very sensitive to its inputs.

The tools and skills to be able to communicate

Knowing how to communicate is a quality that any framework should possess. Indeed the use of this talent is very common for those who must take a minimum of responsibility. Whether his team to understand and convince them of the merits of a policy, negotiating with his superior further delays or budget extension to complete a project, present the results of an analysis or details of a action plan at a meeting of high-level written communication with suppliers or customers, resolving a conflict between two employees, etc.

We talk about quality and talent as a communicator, but it is often a matter of technical communication (interpersonal, transactional analysis, Neuro Linguistic Programming and many others). As such it is possible to train to master these important tools for personal performance and thus his professional success. It all begins with a message transmitted by a sender to a receiver message...

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