To protect children traveling in school zones, a new safety package provides integrated products that display motorists speed and help school districts collect traffic data. Called Speed Stoppers, the package was recently unveiled by Decatur Electronics, Inc. (Decatur, IL), based on a joint venture with the firms Sanner Safety Initiatives Division. The package consists of the following components: 1) OnSite 200 portable trailer features built-in radar that reveals the speed of approaching vehicle. The trailer includes a large LED (light emitting diode) display that heightens driver awareness by flashing speed alerts from a readable distance of 1,000 ft. away. 2) SpeedSpy, a covert, radar-based monitor, mounts on roadside poles. After the trailer is removed from site, the monitor allows officials to collect data about traffic speed and flow. With both the trailer and roadside monitor, the radars detection range is 1,500 ft. 3) EZ Stat Pak, by which a computer connection and software collect data from the trailer and roadside monitor to generate Windows-based reports that summarize traffic findings.

Decatur Electronics, Inc., Decatur, IL