Model DSC650 bollards can stop a 5,000-lb. vehicle traveling at 50 mph. Ideal for protecting approaches to government buildings, passenger loading areas at transportation hubs, sports arenas and other locations where vehicle bombers or errant drivers may endanger safety. Require foundation of just 12 ins., allowing installation within sidewalks, on top of concrete-deck truss bridges or in planters. Can be installed on substrates that have uneven ground, curves or inclines. Shallow foundation won’t interfere with utility pipes, storm drains or buried communication lines. Select from two models: the first offers one or two removable bollards to allow vehicle passage, along with lockable bollards that cannot be removed by unauthorized individuals; second version consists of three bollards that form corner module of 90°. Available with standard or custom-decorative coverings made of cast aluminum or fiberglass. Supplied with steel reinforcing mesh that ends need to install additional rebar. Delta Scientific Corp., Palmdale, Calif.