The EnGen 3 SPSL is small and lightweight. The self-powered unit simplifies installation for municipal and investor-owned utilities. It provides cities and small communities with light and safety where they are most needed. The unit installs in 10 minutes on a powered line. It requires no step-down transformer. Use the light to illuminate bike and walking paths, dangerous traffic intersections, rural areas where low-cost light is needed, parks and poorly lit areas, rural rail crossings, and as mid-pole lighting for bus stops. Beaverton, Ore.-based EnGen Technologies is the manufacturer.

The unit operates off-grid and offers low energy consumption and costs. The LED lighting product reduces street lighting installation costs and logistical restrictions. It can be installed without a pole on any power line in locations previously thought to be inaccessible. The unit operates off minimum line amperage (65–2,000 amps) and weighs 12.6 pounds.

The Self Powered Street Light - EnGen 3 operates on low line amperage. The light is installed via hot stick to “live” power lines. The unit’s Flux Capacitor leverages the line’s electromagnetic field to power long-lasting, low-maintenance LED lights.  The unit helps reduce ongoing support costs to keep streets lit. The streetlight can be quickly installed at a fraction of the cost of placing traditional lights. The environmentally sensitive product illuminates with a low lifetime operating cost.

EnGen Technologies is a utilities technology company and the maker of the first powerless street light. The firm distributes outdoor and indoor LED lighting solutions powered via the company’s Flux Capacitor generation technology, solar and on-grid power.  The company is also a distribution partner for LED solutions from Acuity, Cree, General Electric and other lighting manufacturers.

The video outlines the benefits and operation of the streetlight.


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