Editor’s note: Are products and processes used in the public sector being upgraded and improved? Government Product News checked in with Panasonic’s Dominick Passanante to find out about the state of innovation in products used in government. Passanante is Senior Director of Public Sector Sales at Panasonic System Communications Company of North America.

Panasonic offers a variety of products that meet the needs of governments. One example is the Toughpad line of rugged 5-inch handheld tablets. The Toughpad FZ-E1 and Toughpad FZ-X1 are purpose-built tools for mobile professionals in demanding/outdoor work environments including those in government agencies. A few public sector job categories that rely on the Toughpad models: first responders, military servicemembers and those in transportation and logistics, utilities, and field services.

The units offer resistance to drops of up to 10 feet to concrete. The models feature 14-hour hot-swappable batteries and the ability to be submerged in water. Users can choose from a variety of accessories for the models, including holsters, vehicle mounts and chargers.

Here are Dominick Passanante’s (photo below, on right) views on innovation in products used in government.

GPN: Is product innovation taking place in the government market? Is innovation occurring in public sector products?

Dominick Passanante:
 Yes — we are seeing innovation in the government market and, in particular, this innovation can be seen in products that are becoming more tailor-made for the specific needs of government  customers. This comes as a result of customers in government participating in dialogues with technology providers, making their needs known and taking the opportunity to work together to design solutions that address their issues.

For example, at Panasonic, many of our newest surveillance cameras feature a rain-wash coating, providing clearer visibility to maintain security even when the camera is installed in an environment subject to rain or water splashing. On the tablet side, our newest rugged devices feature glove-touch capabilities that allow users to use the touchscreen even with gloves on. These were both innovations designed with our government customers to address specific challenges they face.

GPN: What can governments do to stimulate innovation?

DP: By opening up a line of dialogue with technology providers, government customers can help them truly innovate. It is important for customers to be vocal about what their needs are and what challenges they face. Panasonic has, for many years, worked to build a rapport with our customers and our dialog with end users helps us to create products that are tailored to their requirements.

GPN: Thank you, Dominick Passanante, for your views.

In the video, a Panasonic Toughpad FZ-E1 rugged handheld tablet goes through a punishing obstacle course.


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