QLess is a cloud-based system that helps to eliminate waiting in line or getting stuck in waiting rooms at government offices. The system enables users to join a mobile QLess queue from any mobile device, phone, kiosk, or tablet computer. Users can freely roam around while they wait for their appointment, anywhere, at home, while having a cup of coffee, etc. The system notifies users predictably as their turn in the queue approaches, so they can get back to the government facility just in time, without wasting time.

Users in line join the queue by sending a text message or making a phone call to the government agency’s voice-activated system, or by using a touch-screen kiosk at the government office, or by making an appointment at the website of the government office.

“The system helps deliver a five-star customer experience at the government office,” says Alex Bäcker who is CEO of Pasadena, Calif.-based QLess. It’s a scenario where the government can actually lead the way and show other industries how this is best done.” Bäcker says the Michigan Department of State is an example of how customers are showing satisfaction with his firm’s system. The Texas Department of Public Safety is another agency that is getting high marks in customer satisfaction through the QLess system.

Go here to read about QLess installations at state departments of motor vehicles (DMV). QLess allows customers to arrive at the DMV just in time for their appointment instead of endlessly waiting for a number to be called. QLess makes it easy for customers to get in line by using self-serve touch-screen kiosks at the DMV, from the DMV website or a cell phone to send text.

The system helps reduce bottlenecks and increase throughput. It helps reduce delays in cases where waiting customers have left the line for whatever reason. The system reduces the time taken to complete transactions. By improving the customer experience wait times, QLess will in turn also provide a more productive and positive environment for the staff members of the organization. 

The QLess system is at work on five continents, in hundreds of city and other local government offices. The system is in place in the following and other states: Michigan, Kansas, Connecticut, Colorado, Tennessee, Nevada and Texas.

“We are seeing tremendous growth,” says Bäcker. “The QLess organization has seen 70 percent growth rates in number of installations, month over month,” he says. Bäcker explains that for small installations, the easy-to-deploy setup can take just one day.

In the video, Michael Keating, of Government Product News, sits down with Alex Bäcker, CEO of QLess, to discuss the QLess queuing service that is designed to cut down on wait times.


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