The New York City Wireless Network (NYCWiN) is now online citywide, offering first-responders access to vital information while in the field over a 300-square-mile area. "NYCWiN will provide robust, reliable and resilient data communications, enhancing coordination and ensuring that critical information reaches our mobile workforce, to the benefit of all city agencies and the people we serve," said New York Department of Information Technology Commissioner Paul Cosgrave in a statement.

Through NYCWiN, the city's emergency and non-emergency workers have high-speed data access to support large file transfers, including fingerprints, mug shots, city maps, automatic vehicle location, and full-motion streaming video. A fully interoperable, IP-based network, NYCWiN enhances coordination by linking first responder personnel, on-scene, wirelessly with incident managers at remote sites through real-time data and video feeds.

The New York City Police Department will install wireless modems in 1,800 marked patrol fleet vehicles so officers in the field will have access to NYCWiN. Also, NYCWiN will facilitate automated water meter reading, traffic signal control and handheld inspectional programs that are now planned or underway.

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