Many local government officials want to improve services to residents and businesses, but they are not aware of all the tools at their disposal, such as multi-channel contact centers that coordinate 311 phone numbers, Web sites and in-person help desks, according to the Washington-based Public Technology Institute (PTI). Therefore, PTI has published a guide titled "The Value of Multi-Channel Contact Centers: A Checklist for Local Elected Officials."

The guide covers three high-priority reasons for using multi-channel contact centers: resident satisfaction, economic development and business process reengineering. "As more city and county governments begin to examine the different technologies and solutions available, it is important that elected leaders — the ultimate decision makers in government — be as informed as possible and have a clear understanding of the impacts these systems can have across all levels of jurisdiction services," said PTI Executive Director Alan Shark in a statement.

Download "The Value of Multi-Channel Contact Centers" PDF from PTI's Web site.