Eleven exemplary initiatives were chosen as recipients for the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) 2013 Recognition Awards. The winners include state initiatives in digital government, data management, interagency collaboration and more.

The selected projects demonstrate state chief information officers’ efforts to support the public policy goals of state leaders, provide cost-effective service to citizens, and make available solutions that are transferable to other agencies or units of government, according to NASCIO.

The 2013 awards recipients are as follows:

○ Cross-Boundary Collaboration and Partnerships

Nebraska, for Network Nebraska-Education - a statewide, multipurpose, high capacity, scalable telecommunications network consisting of contractual arrangements with providers to meet the demand of state agencies, local governments and educational entities.

○ Data, Information and Knowledge Management

Michigan, for its Unemployment Insurance Agency Overpayment Recovery, the product of its efforts to prevent, detect and recover Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefit overpayments.

○ Digital Government: Government to Business

California, for its Electronic Services Expansion Project to simplify compliance, increase access to services, reduce processing costs and increase revenue for the California State Board of Equalization.

○ Digital Government: Government to Citizen

Massachusetts, for its mTicketing for Commuter Rail and Ferry Services - a more cost-effective way to employ automated fare collection beyond its core subway and bus network and out to its commuter rail lines and ferries.

○ Enterprise IT Management Initiatives

Minnesota, for its project: Managing State IT Through Service Level Agreement: An Unprecedented Journey – a group of projects focused on the myriad details of combining an IT staff of 2100 people that served 95 agencies in a manner acceptable for the executive branch.

○ Fast Track Solutions

Utah, for its Legislative Bill Watch – an app which allows citizens to track legislative bills on their phone or tablet as the bill moves through the legislative process.

○ Improving State Operations

California for its Business Information System Project, which replaced hundreds of standalone databases, legacy systems and manual processes with an integrated, proven solution for achieving operational efficiencies.

○ Information Communications Technology Innovations

Hawaii, for its Mobile Emergency Response and Command Interface (MERCI), which facilitates quicker, more accurate and more detailed damage assessments following a natural disaster.

○ Open Government Initiatives

Utah, for its Open Transportation Data in the Cloud with uGate and UPlan – used to help the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) project the condition of its managed roadways years into the future. The data enables UDOT to manage its huge inventory of roads, signs, bridges, culverts, fences, guardrails, etc. in a way that optimizes performance for safety, capacity and efficiency.  

○ Cybersecurity

Michigan, for Cyber Training 3.0: New Solutions Addressing Escalating Security Risks - a comprehensive three-pronged approach that holistically addresses employee awareness, technical training and cultural change components for businesses, schools and families. This integrated program addresses the significant training needs to secure information.

○ State CIO Office Special Recognition

Virginia, for eGov Business Process Re-engineering. The project resulted in multiple new contracts which offer standard beneficial terms and choice for agencies, expand business opportunity, provided a measurably more user-friendly state portal website (portal) and enable new visibility into and transparency of eGov spend.

The awards were presented during the State Dinner and Awards Presentation at the 2013 NASCIO Annual Conference on Oct. 14.

For more information about NASCIO, visit www.nascio.org.


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