Local and state governments that receive money from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) are required to track and report on precisely where the money goes, and doing that can require more than one type of software package, according to a report from Rockville, Md.-based CivicUS. "Three Key Objectives and One Important Date: Picking a Stimulus Reporting Vendor" prioritizes the objectives that the software should accomplish, placing reporting to the federal government, which is time-sensitive and mandated by law, at the top of the list.

After reporting to the federal government, the top priorities should be software that shares progress with residents, followed by internal management and dashboard software. "The process of tracking stimulus dollars is a priority for state and local government leaders," said Joaquin Gonzalez, Research Director at CivicUS. "While a market has quickly evolved to provide tools that perform some of the key tasks, no one product offers a complete solution."

"Three Key Objectives and One Important Date" is available at http://www.civicus.com/. Also, CivicUS will hold teleconferences June 9 and 10 to provide additional guidance to government leaders. There is no charge to participate, but attendance is limited. For information, call 301-296-4440 x1271 or e-mail to events@civicus.com.

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