While digging for info for our 2013 Keating Report on government budgets and spending, we reached out to executives such as Craig Carpenter, who is vice president of marketing and business development at San Francisco-based Recommind, for his views.

Recommind offers products that enable predictive information management and analysis. The company provides automated end-to-end eDiscovery, enterprise search and automatic categorization software. Based on user input, the software understands the meaning behind what users need. According to the company, the software automatically predicts the best information available and provides relevant results.

Here are the thoughts of Craig Carpenter on IT trends in 2013 and the outlook for the government marketplace.

Govpro: Do you expect a strong government IT market in 2013?

Craig Carpenter: The 2013 government market will be driven by the mantra of "doing more with less." In 2012, we saw the passage of several key initiatives aimed at achieving IT efficiencies while cutting costs, like the Digital Management Strategy and the Managing Government Records Directive. This is the year agencies will be expected to make good on these mandates by rolling out successful policies and procedures that make the most of taxpayer dollars.

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