States should provide more transparency through easier access to state data, according to a report by the Lexington, Ky.-based National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO). The report, "A Call to Action for State Government: Guidance for Opening the Doors to State Data," includes guidance on how to create data transparency portals in keeping with the Obama administration's emphasis on open government.

States already have made much of their data public, said Dugan Petty, Oregon CIO and co-chair of NASCIO's Enterprise Architecture & Governance Committee, in a statement. "We're providing guidance on how to make this data more accessible and available through a single state data portal," Petty said. "We're encouraging state governments to pursue the democratization of state data by creating a formal initiative that includes the creation of a single portal. In July, we published a recommendation to state CIOs to adopt a common domain-naming standard. These recommendations support of the Obama administration's objective for open government. That objective is enabled at the state level by creating a single place to look for state data. Citizens shouldn't be expected to know what agency is responsible for creating publicly available data."

Other recommendations in the report include using a common metadata model based on the federal model and giving access to data in its most elemental form to allow for secondary use and repurposing. Download the entire "A Call to Action for State Government: Guidance for Opening the Doors to State Data" report as a PDF from NASCIO's Web site.

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