Ontario, Calif.'s city officials have created a plan to address the ramifications of the city's growth, which is expected to double over the next 30 years. City officials say that because the plan is on the Web, its residents can quickly react to it, as well as compare building plans to current development activities.

Putting the plan online allows it to change as the city evolves and gives residents the chance to track the city's progress, according to officials. It includes links to city agencies and interactive maps. Much of the plan focuses on incorporating new forms of transit and transportation, such as a planned high-speed rail system in southern California. "As the city continues to expand into an urban center, transportation will be an important factor to the overall well-being of the city," said Brian Judd, vice president of Community Planning and Design for the city's planning center. "In developing The Ontario Plan, we analyzed the impacts and ways to mitigate existing and future transportation impacts. This includes adding light rail and rapid transit systems, making the city more 'walkable' and 'bikeable,' which encourages residents and guests to travel throughout the city without having to drive."

A preview of the plan is available at www.ontarioplan.org.