The Washington-based Public Technology Institute (PTI) is accepting applications for its Citizen-Engaged Communities designation. The program seeks to recognize cities and counties that make the best use of multi-channel contact centers and citizen relationship/records management (CRM) systems, coupled with 311 systems, web portal technology, telephony systems and mobile communications infrastructure.

PTI's Citizen-Engaged Communities Designation Program focuses on four areas for multi-channel contact centers:

1. Citizen participation processes — Involves the use of information, service requests, complaints, interactive business applications and forms, surveys, focus groups, suggestions and chats.

2. Integrated communication channels — Such as contact centers, self-service web and automated phone systems, walk-in services, neighborhood stations, contact center linkage with service departments, mobile citizens and mobile crews.

3. Integrated technology — Including 311, CRM, Web 2.0 applications, VoIP telephony, GIS, work management, mobile communications and knowledge-based data repositories.

4. Performance reporting — Such as external citizen metrics, customer-driven internal service metrics, use of real-time data, service level agreements for contact center and service departments.

Cities and counties that are designated as a Citizen-Engaged Community receive national recognition, awards and the use of a special designation logo. In addition, their contact centers will be featured in PTI's "Winners Spotlight," webinars, conferences, case studies and publications.

Sept. 16 is the deadline to apply for the Citizen-Engaged Communities designation. Winners will be announced at the PTI 2011 Technology Leadership Conference in October.

Download applications for the 2011-2013 Citizen-Engaged Communities designations program.