GPN reached out to Rob Haslam for his views on technology trends in 2017. Haslam is Vice President, Government ID Solutions at HID Global. Below are Rob Haslam’s views.

Mobile IDs will change the way governments and citizens interact. Securely provisioned on to a citizen’s smartphone, they can be used in lieu of a printed driver’s license or government identification card. These solutions can significantly and positively affect the relationship between governments and their citizens. Following are some of the changes ahead:

#1 New Expectations for a Better Citizen Experience

Citizens continue to rely on their phones to more easily conduct an increasing number of transactions, wherever they are. As a result, they expect the same kind of simplified and more convenient and accessible, on-the-go services from governments and businesses – including carrying identity documents on a mobile phone.

#2 An Opportunity for Expanded, Personalized Engagement

The mobile ID enhances personal interaction between citizens and government through remote services, communications and information sharing. This enables governments to have a closer relationship with their citizens.

#3 Improved Security Against Identity Threats, More Control over Private Information

PIN and password protection, biometrics, additional secure tokens and other mobile ID security layers can help to protect against identity theft. But mobile IDs also enable citizens to further protect their identities by controlling when and how much information they share with someone requesting their identification – even at a distance or when the phone is offline.

#4 Improved Efficiency through Remote Issuance and Revocation

Mobile IDs allow citizens to update their information remotely without combating long central office lines. Conversely, governments can issue, revoke or change mobile IDs more efficiently, securely, quickly and cost-effectively than with physical IDs.

#5 Improved Functionality and Revenue Streams

Mobile IDs enable new, premium-level service revenue streams for government agencies (i.e., businesses will potentially pay for the ability to authenticate and read a mobile driver’s license over the phone).

These are just a few of the changes ahead as governments and their citizens move to the improved convenience, security and privacy protections of mobile IDs.

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HID Global provides access control and secure identification technologies. The firm’s products include printed and mobile drivers licenses, national identification cards and student/corporate campus identification.


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