The list of recently proposed products for the public sector goes on and on. Two recent examples are an emergency vehicle alerting system and a solar-powered light that makes public transit bus shelters safer at night. has more evidence and proof that governments drive innovation.

InventHelp, a Pittsburgh-based inventor service company, is marketing a variety of products and product concepts to consumers, the public sector and prospective manufacturers for its inventor-clients, including the products mentioned above. The company sells devices, gadgets and tools created by its inventor-clients to governments and consumers at a store site. The products provide solutions to everyday problems, and are available for sale or licensing. The company has several thousand inventions in various stages of development.

Governments are a ready-made market for product innovation, says InventHelp’s director of corporate communications, Nicole Hait. “New government initiatives and programs create opportunities for inventors to continuously come up with new, untapped inventions for the public sector,” Hait says. “For years, inventors have produced innovative ideas that would help the government in their demand for better quality, higher efficiency products.”

The emergency vehicle alerting system, designed by inventors in Killeen, Texas, warns pedestrians and motorists of an approaching emergency vehicle.

The patented Emergency Vehicle Alert Signal would help enhance roadway safety by alerting others when in the area of an approaching emergency vehicle, such as an ambulance, fire truck or emergency response vehicle. The invention could help ensure that motorists or pedestrians have time to move out of the way, and could help the emergency responders reach their destinations quickly and efficiently. InventHelp has been submitting the invention to companies for review. If substantial interest is expressed, the company will attempt to negotiate for a sale or royalties for the inventor.

An inventor from Federal Way, Wash., designed the solar-powered light for bus shelters. The patented “Metro Stop” would make it easier for bus drivers to notice an individual or group waiting at a bus stop at night. It could ensure that individuals maintain a safe distance from other traffic while they wait, and could prevent drivers from accidentally passing up a customer.

Suitable for use in both urban and rural communities, the Metro Stop could illuminate the surroundings, thereby making the passenger feel at ease while waiting in the dark. Like the emergency vehicle alert signal, InventHelp is attempting to submit the bus shelter light to companies and governments for review.