Beginning July 1, Colorado residents can no longer dispose of most electronic waste (e-waste) in their household trash under the Electronic Recycling Jobs Act.

The new law applies to television sets, central processing units, computer monitors and peripherals, printers and fax machines, laptops and notebook computers, DVD players, VCRs and any video display device with a screen larger than four inches. The ban also includes radios, stereo equipment and video game consoles – basically anything with a plug or circuit board excluding major appliances and A/C units.

Industry, most businesses, government agencies, institutions and schools already are subject to e-waste disposal restrictions.

Telephones, motor vehicle components and non-hazardous industrial or commercial devices still may be legally disposed of in a Colorado landfill.

Citizens are now being encouraged to recycle their e-waste through community collection events, manufacturer take-back programs or a reputable electronics recycling company.

For more information, visit the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment's website,