Security Engineered Machinery (SEM) is offering a line of combination shredders capable of destroying both rotational platter-based hard drives (HDDs) and solid-state devices (SSDs).

The firm’s Combo machines feature a separate feed slot and cutting mechanism for HDDs and SSDs. When fed into the appropriate slot, media is destroyed by heavy-duty, saw tooth hooked cutters that rip drives to shreds at a rate of up to 3,500 HDDs per hour and up to 1,000 SSDs per hour.

Eight models are available. See a selection of Combo models below on the left. There are two low-volume shredders that are equipped with a 3-horsepower motor. Three medium – high volume shredders are available that each feature a 10-horsepower motor. The firm also offers three extreme high volume shredders that employ a 20-horsepower motor. All units are 3-Phase at 208, 230 or 460 volts. The SSD particle produced by all shredders is 0.375 inches by random lengths.

The small particle output from the units ensures that each chip that holds information has been fractured in the shredding process, according to the company. Customers can select the level of destruction for HDDs by choosing a configuration that creates waste particles of 1.5-, 1.0- or 0.75 inches by random lengths.

The firm’s low-volume shredders contain dual internal collection bins while higher volume units feature integrated waste discharge conveyors that deposit shreds into barrels, bins or other containers. In addition to rotational platter-based hard drives and solid-state hard drives, the shredders are also capable of destroying data tapes, cell phones, optical media, memory sticks and other electronic storage media.

An ergonomic operator interface allows easy viewing and control of all machine functions. The interface features a key switch, start button, hour meter and emergency e-stop. Angled feed chutes with integrated flaps protect operators during the drive feeding process. Safety interlocks prevent operation when any safety guard or panel is not in place. The firm’s Combo shredders are quiet, vibration-free, and mounted on casters for easy relocation.

The shredders are suited for federal, state and local government entities. Other potential users include data centers, asset management groups, hospitals, financial institutions, higher education and other IT groups that value security of end-of-life data storage media in accordance with government regulations and industry standards (HIPAA, FACTA, SOX, PCI, DSS, etc.). The SEM Combo units also satisfy high security NSA requirements for physical destruction of magnetic media/platter drives after they have been degaussed by an NSA-listed degausser.

The video shows the SEM HDD SSD Combo unit destroying both rotational platter-based hard drives and solid-state hard drives in a single machine.


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