Azorian Cyber Security, a Denver-based cyber- and computer security company, uses a variety of practices to halt hackers.Security experts at the firm mine the Deep Web for active threat intelligence. They use the intelligence to find security gaps. The experts close the gaps before hackers exploit them. The intelligence that is gathered also helps Azorian’s experts to create new cyber defenses for their clients.

The company offers IT risk assessments to governments, businesses and other organizations. Azorian reviews networks, web applications and wireless networks for vulnerabilities and threats. For its clients, the company responds to data breaches and conducts computer forensics investigations. Azorian works to enhance the data security of its clients. The company believes that in order to stop hackers, IT managers may need to employ ethical hackers.

Charles Tendell (photo at left), founder & CEO of Azorian, is a Certified Hacking Forensic Investigator and Certified Information Systems Security Professional. He also is a decorated U.S. Army veteran who served in Iraq. Tendell has been in the IT security industry for 16 years.

Here is what Tendell says about the Deep Web: “Most people don’t realize that 80 percent of the Internet is below the surface and not searchable by Google or Yahoo or other search engines.  And below the surface is where malware is found; where high-end security attacks are planned, hatched and executed; and where stolen information is traded. Hackers are sharing information in the Deep Web.

Tendell says that some governments are tapping and listening in the Deep Web for information, but they are not using the information, and a lot of it goes unused. “Governments should partner with the right people to leverage the Deep Web information they obtain. With the advance notice on security incursions, government security personnel can develop an actionable intelligence and security plan for their agencies.”

In this video interview (link is at end of article), Tendell discusses his firm’s work with local and federal law enforcement and local governments. The U.S. Department of Justice and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security have certified Azorian staffers. “Our company works in E-discovery and in the computer forensics space. We also assist government agencies in network forensics, network security architecture and development. We have helped governments locate fugitives and have assisted in apprehending employees who behave badly,” Tendell tells GPN’s Michael Keating.

In the video interview, Tendell offers advice for government administrators and other IT security personnel on how to safeguard their systems. IT security shields, says Tendell, need to constantly evolve.  Go here for the video interview with Charles Tendell.


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