Norfolk, Va., debuted its new light rail line in August, the first light rail system in the state. The Tide 7.4-mile light rail line caters to commuters who work downtown and tourists. The $318 million line has 11 stations, and complements several alternative transportation options that enable locals and tourists to navigate the downtown area without a car.

One of those options is the Norfolk Electric Transit (NET), an eco-friendly air-conditioned bus operated through Hampton Roads Transit. It holds 22 passengers, operates in downtown Norfolk daily, and began a new route on August 19 to complement The Tide. In addition, the Downtown Norfolk Council's Public Service Ambassadors offer free rides on a solar-powered vehicle that can carry up to five passengers. Riders need only call the courtesy shuttle for a ride from the city's Public Service Ambassadors on F.R.E.D (Free Ride Every Day). F.R.E.D.'s typical passengers are patrons of downtown festivals, disabled persons and families with small children.

For those who prefer traveling on two wheels, the city debuted five bike racks designed by local artists in the downtown district in June. The racks are part of an initiative to encourage biking while expanding the city's collection of public artwork.