Savannah, Ga., is working with the Arlington, Va.-based Aluminum Can Council's Curbside Value Partnership program on a grassroots education campaign about the city's curbside recycling program.

Alaska has renewed its contract with New York-based JPMorgan to distribute funds to residents who are receiving food and cash assistance from the state. Arizona has contracted with the company to provide the same service.

Santa Barbara, Calif., has contracted with San Mateo, Calif.-based TIOGA Energy and San Rafael, Calif.-based EI Solutions to build a 384 kW solar electric system on available roof space at the city's corporation yard.

San Diego County, Calif., has contracted with Columbus, Ohio-based Nationwide Retirement Solutions to provide the county's deferred compensation program.

Kentucky has contracted with Framingham, Mass.-based Virgin HealthMiles to offer its health incentive program to state employees.

The Pittsburgh Housing Authority has contracted with Morris Township, N.J.-based Honeywell to install energy conservation upgrades on its facilities.