It's the dream of many homegrown speed demons. In early September, Nevada gubernatorial nonpartisan candidate Eugene "Gino" DiSimone proposed a novel way to raise money for the state β€” residents paying a fee to speed for one day. DiSimone says that, under his "free limit plan," people would pay to drive up to 90 mph on designated highways, according to the Associated Press.

First, though, the driver's vehicle would have to pass a safety inspection. Then, the vehicle information would be loaded into a database, and motorists would have to purchase a transponder. After setting up an account, the driver could dial in, and pay $25 on a credit card to speed for 24 hours. DiSimone estimates the plan would bring in $1 billion a year. The Nevada Highway Patrol disapproved of the idea, according to AP, saying it would lead to increased injuries and traffic deaths